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You Can Use These Stunning Black & White + Color Wedding Portrait Ideas!

You Can Use These Stunning Black & White + Color Wedding Portrait Ideas!

Wedding photos are wonderful in that they may transport you back to the precise moment you successfully performed your practised poses or were taken off guard. Is that to say that wedding photographers are magicians? A skilled wedding photographer can capture the emotions and sentiments that a couple experiences on their big day in a sequence of memorable photos, and rightly so. A good wedding photographer can elevate the priceless moments of your life like no other, thanks to their magic wand of high-end DSLRs, photography expertise, and a laser-sharp photographic eye. As a result, it’s critical to choose the right photographer for your big occasion. If you’re searching for some pointers before deciding on a photographer, you should absolutely read this.

In terms of the colour palette employed, a shot may usually be divided into monochrome and colour. A monochrome photograph is made up largely of black and white colours, whereas a colour photograph is made up of, you guessed it, colours. Both of these shots have their own unique selling points, like chalk and cheese. A fantastic B&W photo, for example, can brilliantly bring forth the depth of a scene while still being bright — without any colour. Color, on the other hand, adds vibrancy to the shot and is a good method to introduce ‘the disruptor’ (read: contrast). So, as you can see, both have their own advantages.

The Shadows as a source of leverage

This photograph beautifully leverages the shadow to impart an ethereal charm to the appearance of the bride.

Always thys, always mine, always ours

You can always count on a black-and-white photograph like this to bring out the chemistry between two people.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Do you want to show off your engagement ring or wedding band in a unique way? So, here’s a shot and a sweet concept to get you started.

Include a panorama image.

Can you feel the excitement in this perfectly timed panoramic shot?


Do you want to say ‘nazar na lage’ (May God shield them from evil sight) when you see that photo? That is, after all, how a candid shot seems.

Bird’s Eye View

A wide-lens drone photo like this is a great way to give the spectators a ringside perspective of the celebration.


When Ariana Grande sang “Focus on me” in her song Focus, she was most likely referring to this.

Laughter comes to the rescue

Use crazy stances, weird expressions, and anything else silly you can think of to add some humour to your wedding photos. These embellishments will not only enhance the appearance of your photos, but they will also assist in melting the ice between your cousins and friends.

Add a ‘slice of life’

To look high-quality, wedding photos do not need to involve pricey props. You can encourage your photographer to be inventive by asking them to include items from everyday life in their composition.

Remember to have fun

Even the tiniest of your expressions can be captured by the camera. As a result, remember to relax and enjoy yourself while being photographed. One of the most effective methods to relieve tension is to have a good time and act foolish.

Take the lesser-taken path

Monochrome mehendi photos? We say go for it!

Taking photos from behind

Request that your wedding photographer shoot some shots of you from behind, as this gives your photos a more storylike vibe.

Share Wedding itinerary with your photographer

Make it a point to share the wedding agenda with the photographer well in advance so that he can roughly plan out the images. You don’t want to miss him capturing crucial moments, do you?

Keep it Abstract

Abstract photographs like these are a great way to stand out from the crowd of standard wedding photos. Shots like these will not only set you apart from the crowd, but will also make your wedding photos stand out.

Portraits of ‘Inanimate Objects’

Inanimate objects, too, play a significant role in wedding celebrations, so we’ve expanded the concept of portraits to include them. A well-composed photo of artefacts used in marital ceremonies will add character to your wedding book by allowing viewers to see what goes on behind the scenes of your celebration.


Extreme close up shots, or ECUs, are a great way to amp up the fun factor in your wedding photos.