Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

Weddings are full of rituals, food, and décor, and a family goes to great lengths to make the day memorable, but memory fades over the time. With advancements in technology and post-production equipment, wedding videography in india produces memories that will last forever. We at plan your wedding, provide you with a high definition picture quality and perfectly edited video film which you can watch with your kids later and relive your special moment. 
Your wedding is a moment to be cherished for years to come, Make the best out of this moment. Get in touch with the best wedding videographer in your city on both pocket-friendly and grand budgets. Browse through our website and search for cinematographer near me and check their earlier work. You can also check for customer reviews on their pages. Request a quote by calling the number listed on own website. We will reply as soon as possible.

Cinematography- In the case of cinematic videography, two or more people might be needed to capture the same scene simultaneously. This is similar to candid photography, in which pictures are taken naturally without posing. This video looks like a Bollywood movie and focuses on emotions primarily. It lasts about 20-40 minutes. This process involves high-end equipment, knowledge, filming, photography, music, and storyline. All of this is expensive, but it is worthwhile. So, choose the best wedding cinematographer from our website. 
Traditional Videography – It is a long video recording of 2 to 3 hours, which includes all details of the wedding, from arrangements, the arrival of the baraat, the guests, rituals performed, dance performances and food, etc., and all that too at a reasonable price for indian wedding videographers
Pre-wedding photo & video shoot – Pre-wedding is planned before the wedding to capture the love and romance of the couple. Today, it has become a trend among the Indian couples to go for pre-wedding photo & video shoots. Take a look at some of the best wedding videographers near me on our website.

How to hire the best wedding videographers

Choosing a good wedding videographer can be a challenge. We at plan your wedding will help you with a few tips to help make the planning process a little easier.

How to choose a wedding videographer. Consider these points: 

  • Do online research. check on plan your wedding website.
  • Find your type of wedding videography services as per your requirement and budget. 
  • Check your preferred wedding videographer and price Negotiate confidently.
  • Do the booking 2-3 months in advance.
  • Browse through the different marriage videographer packages.
  • You should ask for 2-3 vendors for the wedding videographer
  • Still, confused on hiring the right Wedding cinematographer? Don’t worry, consult our experts at plan your wedding

Do discuss everything in advance with your wedding videographer.

  • Handover all the events and functions details to your wedding videographer.
  • Decide on your budget and choose the best wedding videographer & price as per your requirement.
  • Ask for discounts and try to negotiate.
  • What type of services does he offer? Pre and post-wedding shoots are a common part of weddings these days.
  • Check wedding videographer time and flexibility, as ceremonies often take time to start and finish. 
  • Pre decide on the payment terms and conditions. 
  • Discuss about refund and cancellation in advance.
  • Plan your shoot location, date, time, and flexibility beforehand with your marriage videographer
  • Also discuss the cost of food and accommodation, if you’re planning to shoot out of the station.
  • Latest equipment like LED screens, drones, etc. are in trend. Ask for their availability. 
  • Discuss the final timeline for deliverables.

Using our website, you can search by city or browse videographers near me to hire the best wedding videographer. You will be able to find experienced, well-established videographers within minutes who will record and produce a video that exceeds your expectations! The list of best wedding videographer here, is updated after a thorough background check, includes all types of videographers with varied experience and high-quality work. Each wedding videographer uses the latest equipment and technologies.

We assign a dedicated plan your wedding manager to help you make the right choice and get the best deal when you request a quote from one of the best wedding videographers or any other wedding service providers on our site. At no extra charge!


The latest favour in wedding videography is confetti pops, drone wedding photography, slow-motion footage, and cinematic wedding photography set to popular songs. Wedding films are becoming more and more like movies. With a wedding videographer, you can discuss props, technology, and editing styles in advance.

At Planurwedding website, we carefully curated filters that allow you to easily and efficiently find the best photographer for wedding by giving you a simple interface and a great number of options to choose from. We provide you with the best cinematic photography for wedding in your budget.

Depending on the videographer’s experience, creativity, equipment, and knowledge, there are varying rates, so it isn’t difficult to find one that meets your requirements. A wedding videographer who uses drone wedding photography will surely charge more. There is a big list of top wedding photographers/videographers at Planurwedding to suit all budgets and needs. Check out our website for more information on best wedding photographers near me and their prices.

At Planurwedding, you don’t have to worry about anything. We are here to help make your special day more vibrant and easy flowing. Our top wedding photographers have been verified and pre-checked, so you can browse through them and make your selection without worrying about trustworthiness. We also offer professional videographers for every budget. As part of our service, when you request a quote, a dedicated Planurwedding, wedding manager will work with you for free to help with the negotiation and other things. So, relax and book your photography packages with Planurwedding with ease.

Your romantic story will be filmed at the location of your choice. Our questions will cover how you met, your first impressions of each other, the first date, and the proposal. It’s something that many couples play for their guests at their reception. These will have your candid wedding photos clicked by our professional wedding photographers in your budget.

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My nervousness went out the door because of the super talented and skilled plan ur wedding team. They not only made every moment a cherished one through their amazing work, but made us really comfortable throughout and the entire experience was a momentous one.

Bhawna Tripathi

I was lucky to get in touch with Seema, who is the heart and soul behind plan ur wedding. She went out of her way to give us exactly what we wanted and much more! The shots, the different scenes, the overall appeal, all of it was impeccable, and we both had an awesome

Vidit Kamna

I can't tell you how special plan ur wedding made our day. Right from the first meeting,they understood our requirement, went the extra mile in delivering the best, and accomodated those last minute changes with absolute ease.

Vidit Kamna

I can't tell you how special plan ur wedding made our day. Right from the first meeting,they understood our requirement, went the extra mile in delivering the best, and accomodated those last minute changes with absolute ease.